Grandfather Clock Repair

Long treasured for its superior accuracy in timekeeping, the grandfather clock is a large, free-standing pendulum clock in which the pendulum is stored within the clock’s case. These clocks are frequently known for their ornate, decorated hoods. They provide value both as decorative elements and as potential antiques/family heirlooms today. It is believed the grandfather clock was created by William Clement, an English clockmaker in 1670. Prior to that, Robert Hooke’s anchor escapement mechanism creation in 1658 allowed clockmakers to capture slower “beats” of the pendulum. This change allowed for less winding of the clocks and more accuracy in their timekeeping. Modern clocks in this style now use a “deadbeat escapement.” The grandfather clock is known by several other names, including the tall-case clock, longcase clock, and floor clock. No matter the name, these clocks are typically wound either daily or once a week.

The previously noted accuracy of timekeeping and the potential for both their decorative value and their value as are among the chief reasons for owning a grandfather clock. The superior design of the pendulum clock mechanism has been proven to be one of the most accurate possible. Rather than rely on the antiseptic look of a digital clock or watch-face, you can rely on a grandfather clock to add style to your living space while still keeping your life on schedule and on time. The ornate design of the grandfather clock is a hallmark of many homes even today. These clocks add a level of sophistication and prestige to the living quarters where they are found. With an antique grandfather clock, you also have a unique investment piece that rarely costs less than $30,000 if maintained and kept in good working condition. To maintain a clock in such condition and to ensure you have an accurate, working timepiece that will last for generations, there is no better resource than Grand Strand Clock Repair.

The Grand Strand Clock Repair Grandfather Clock Service Promise

Located in Myrtle Beach and serving surrounding areas in both South and North Carolinas, Grand Strand is your go-to resource for grandfather clock repair. With our years of experience in the maintenance and repair of grandfather clocks, we can provide you with professional level service and care for your clock. Our deep understanding of the history of the grandfather clock and our appreciation for the value inherent in each of these clocks ensures that we will take the utmost care to return your clocks in as good as or better than condition than how they came in. We know your choice of a grandfather clock means you care, and we want to convey that same level of care and concern with the grandfather clock repair service provided by our team.Whether its a newer model or an antique family heirloom, your grandfather clock will be in good hands with the grandfather clock repair team at Grand Strand Clock Repair. Click here to reach out now, and let us show you and your clock the best service possible.

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